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At the just-concluded Ninth China (Beijing) International Military Police Anti-Terrorism Emergency Equipment Expo, Sytong's new infrared night vision devices XS, XM and PM showed amazing performance. One of the most striking is its long battery life, providing users with a long-lasting and reliable experience.


Our new machines XS, XM, PM demonstrated excellent battery life during the show with more than 7 hours of run time. Started at 9:00 in the morning, and continued to run until 4-5:00 in the afternoon. During this period, there was no shutdown or standby, and it was always running. This means that our products can provide users with all-weather, long-term use, no longer limited by low battery power, greatly increasing freedom of movement and work efficiency.


This excellent endurance performance is due to the accumulation and breakthrough of Sytong in the field of infrared night vision technology for many years. We continue to explore and innovate, and are committed to improving the stability and capacity of battery technology to meet users' needs for long-term use. Through careful design and optimization, we have successfully raised the battery life to a whole new level, bringing users a longer using experience.


XS, XM and PM not only have excellent battery life, but also integrate Sytong's research and development achievements in infrared thermal imaging night vision technology for many years. Our products are known for high definition, excellent image quality and reliable performance. Whether in military operations, anti-terrorist missions or emergency rescue, our night vision devices can provide clear and accurate images to help users make judgments and decisions quickly.


Sytong is committed to providing users with excellent technical achievements and reliable product quality. Our products are not only highly recognized in the domestic market, but also gradually go abroad, winning the trust and praise of international users.


If you choose Sytong, you will get infrared night vision products with super long battery life, excellent performance and reliable quality. Let us usher in a new era of freedom of movement together!