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At the annual sports and hunting shooting championship in St. Petersburg, Sytong company shines! Thanks to the participation of 34 military hunter teams, Kronstadt teams and Luga regional troops, this team competition has become a wonderful hunting feast. In this event, there were 146 contestants, including 3 brave female contestants. Not only the staff of the administrative department, but also the representatives of the sponsors actively participated in the preparation and holding of the event, adding more glory and charm to the competition.


As a manufacturer of thermal imaging and night vision scopes, Sytong participated in this event for the first time and provided the main prize of the competition - Sytong HT60 3/8X 940nm digital night vision scope. We are honored to be able to add to the highlights of this tournament by providing advanced scope equipment to all competitors.


Remarkably, the 65-year-old hunter won the first place in the KVO member individual competition with his excellent technique and unparalleled experience. This is not only his personal brilliant achievement, but also demonstrates the technical accumulation and exquisite workmanship of Sytong products in research and development for many years. We are proud to see Sytong products emerging on the international stage, playing an increasingly important influence and role, and being widely recognized by more and more people in the industry.


As a research and development enterprise, we have been committed to continuously promoting the innovation and development of infrared thermal imaging night vision devices. Through continuous investment and efforts in technology, our products continue to break through in terms of performance, reliability and user experience, and become the industry leader. We firmly believe that through Sytong's technology and products, you will be able to obtain more accurate target locking and clearer vision during night hunting and shooting, helping you gain advantages in various complex environments.


We sincerely thank all participants and supporters for their support and love. In the future journey, Sytong will continueWith excellent technology and innovative products, we will provide you with better quality infrared thermal imaging night vision devices. Let us explore a wider field hand in hand and create a more exciting future for hunting and shooting lovers!