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Infrared thermal imaging technology converts invisible infrared radiation into infrared thermal images that can be observed by the naked eye. It is a passive, non-contact detection and identification technology by displaying the temperature difference imaging of the target object. The basic function of infrared thermal imaging technology is infrared temperature measurement and night vision observation.


Infrared thermal imaging technology is widely used in power detection, security monitoring, gas leak detection, intelligent driving, night vision observation, consumer electronics, etc. and other fields.


Due to the inherent defects of the infrared thermal imaging system and the influence of the external complex environment, compared with visible light images, infrared images have problems such as low contrast, blurred edge details, and low signal-to-noise ratio. It is necessary to use professional image algorithms to process and correct infrared images. In order to facilitate observation and analysis.


Gaoxin Technology is a domestic supplier of infrared detectors and core components, and has developed a series of advanced image processing algorithms such as non-uniformity correction, adaptive dynamic range compression, and intelligent image enhancement.

NUC non-uniformity correction

Due to material and process reasons, the thermistor resistance of the focal plane detection unit of the infrared detector is difficult to achieve consistency. When facing a uniform radiation target, the response voltage of the infrared detector will occasionally vary, resulting in uneven imaging effects. , so the non-uniformity correction algorithm is needed to correct the image effect.


AGC Adaptive Dynamic Range Compression

The most basic algorithm used by infrared cameras to adjust image dynamic range and contrast, automatically adjusts brightness and contrast according to different scenes, and compresses and transforms infrared images into images with good contrast and obvious details, which is convenient for human eyes to observe and identify targets.