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With the advancement of people's leisure concept and the liberalization of relevant national policies, hunting within the legal scope has gradually become a new way of leisure for the middle class. For hunting enthusiasts, the selection of hunting equipment is very particular. Night vision As two commonly used equipment for hunting prey, thermal imaging camera and thermal imaging camera, which one is better?

1. When hunting, night vision goggles are used to observe the target at night. The distance is short and the imaging resolution is low. If it is blocked by grass, it is difficult to find the target, but its price is relatively cheap, and the budget can be considered night vision goggles .

2. On the one hand, the thermal imager has a long detection distance. On the other hand, due to the principle of thermal imaging, the target can be easily found even if the prey hides behind the grass. However, it is more expensive, cannot help aiming, and has a fast picture response. relatively slow.

It can be seen that there is no fixed answer to which is better between hunting thermal imaging and night vision devices, and the choice is mainly based on your own needs.