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The fuselage is made of nylon and aviation metal material, light weight, the whole system is equipped with 2000 meters ranging, 12μm national military-grade infrared detector, NETD noise equivalent temperature difference ≤ 30mK;


Using Sony's 0.39-inch OLED display, the effect perfectly matches military detectors, black heat, white heat, iron red pseudo-color, dazzling color, stroke, target highlight six color selection modes, top focusing, all customized x1/ x2/x4/x8 times high-definition special thermal imaging lens, 35/50mm size optional, equipped with automatic ballistic calculation function developed on the basis of military professional shooting data; 384*288, 640*480 two resolutions are optional Video, WIFI, TF card 128G memory expansion, customized 6000mAh large-capacity lithium battery pack, which can be independently taken out and charged, and can be charged at any time.


All products have passed strict inspections, and have been tested for 6000J of simulated shooting recoil collision after high and low temperature, black room, aging, waterproofing, misoperation, etc., 100 consecutive times without failure. High and low temperature minus 20° to plus 50° are trouble-free, and all products from the factory are guaranteed to be 100% qualified.


Sytong brand has spread all over the European and American markets, all products have passed ISO9001, CE, ROSH, FCC, EU quality system certification, all product models have independent design and application patents.