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The infrared imaging seeker is mainly composed of an infrared imaging system, a signal processor and a tracking servo system. The infrared imaging system is used to obtain the infrared image information of the target and the background and output it as a video signal. The signal processing part processes the video signal, completes the identification and positioning of the target, sends the target position information to the position processor, and solves the navigation and search of the missile.

vector and feed back information to the infrared imager to control its gain and bias. Tracking the angular movement of the servo-isolated projectile

It can move and stabilize the optical axis, provide a reference frame for extracting the sight angle of the target, automatically track the locked target and output the frame angle signal of the projectile axis and the optical axis in real time.

The infrared imaging system is the core of the infrared imaging seeker, which directly determines the action distance, guidance accuracy, volume, weight and cost of the entire seeker. In recent years, the practical level of staring focal plane devices has been continuously improved, and the staring infrared imaging technology with it as the core has been continuously improved, and its application in high-precision guidance systems has also become a research focus at home and abroad.

Compared with the scanning imaging system, the staring working method does not require an opto-mechanical scanning device, and the entire infrared imaging system has a simpler structure, smaller volume, less power consumption and lighter weight. The staring working mode can increase the integration time, which is beneficial for the detector to observe the target at a long distance and eliminate the motion blur of the image. It has high spatial resolution and thermal sensitivity, large dynamic range, high information collection rate, strong target recognition ability, and is more suitable for detecting weak signal targets and tracking targets in complex backgrounds.

The staring infrared imaging system itself consists of an optical system, an infrared detector, a refrigerator, and an imaging processing circuit. The optical system receives the target and background infrared radiation and images it on the infrared detector. The staring focal plane device converts the optical signal into an electrical signal, which is processed by the imaging processing circuit and outputs a standard video signal. The refrigerator provides a low temperature working environment for the detector.